Passionate about chains, passionate about engineering and passionate about the customers I serve.

I've been hands-on in the chain industry pretty much all my working life following in my Father's footsteps who, having worked for Renolds and other chain companies, went on to set up and run the IWIS operation in the UK - he's still around today giving me words of wisdom when it comes to chains(!)

Previously a keen biker and race mechanic, I took over as MD of IWIS when my father retired. I myself retired in 2001 - looking forward to spending more time with my family and my 1950 BSA C10. People who knew me, carried on picking my brains about the right chain choice for their bikes and race engines and more often than not, I'd get them the chain they needed - there started my retirement cottage industry! Whilst I was supplying the local bike enthusiasts I was also supplying the likes of Cosworth, Aston Martin, Prodrive and Nicholson Mclaren chains for their performance car engines.

If only it had stayed that way!!

Business on chains was thriving in the local area and word was spreading that I'd far from retired! I decided to take a small stand at the Stafford Classic Bike Show in April 2008 - I couldn't believe the enthusiastic reaction I got - word had really got out now and business was motoring. I was asked to talk at various Classic Bike Club meetings which I really enjoy doing and here we are today, a fully fledged business with a customer base not just across the UK but in Australia, The States and Canada. It gives me a great buzz to be able to help so many people get, often for the first time, the right chain for the machine they ride or race - the positive feedback I get keeps me going and wanting to help more and more people. I know it sounds like a cliche but I really am not motivated by profit, I obviously need to make sure I'm keeping in the black but I'm totally motivated by providing the right engineering solutions. Far from retiring, even my Grandsons are involved in the business now (ages 9 & 10) so there's hopefully a long line of succession for "The Chain Man"!

So, here I am, my good, honest advice is free, I look forward to being able to help you in the future with your chain requirements and who knows, we may well meet at a show or at your next club meeting!!

PS. If you'd like me to come and talk at your bike club meeting (for free), give me a call, I'd love to hear from you.