I focus on supplying high quality chains from manufacturers who have refused to reduce the quality of their chain to the D.I.N. standard. I will also advise on a high quality "price fighting" chain too if required. I hold the vast majority of the following manufacturer's ranges in stock for next day despatch via DHL. Whilst I stock IWIS, B&C Express, Regina or IRIS and Talon sprockets (in finished or blank form), I can source any chain or sprocket from any manufacturer for you (as long as I'm happy it's the right chain for the application and it's well made!)

No longer should you put up with just buying the only available chain from your local motorbike shop and thinking "that will do the job", your bike or performance car deserve the best and that doesn't mean costing an arm and a leg either. High quality chains last longer, wear the sprockets down at a slower rate and deliver smoother power.
Your choice of chain depends on what you are looking for the chain to do. If you are covering 100 miles a year on your classic bike or are racing an Aston Martin on club circuits at the weekend you need to make an informed choice of chain - I will help you make that decision with the 36 years of experience I have in the chain industry.
I don't stop at just supplying chains. I have a range of chain breakers, chain wax (one of my most popular products!) and chain pullers to help you keep your chain in great condition. I can also supply plain bore sprockets and platewheels, machining available, and re-toothing of sprockets.

Due to the large increase in postal charges, £8 to £15 in some instances, we propose to use UPS at £9.60. This will not only be cheaper but will be quicker, next day, and safer.