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 With over 20 years of experience as a mechanic and being a budding bike enthusiast since the age of four, your chain is in experienced hands!  

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We focus on supplying high quality chains from manufacturers who have refused to reduce the quality of their chain to the D.I.N. standard. We will also advise on a high quality "price fighting" chain too if required. We hold the vast majority of the following manufacturer's ranges in stock for next day despatch via DHL. Whilst we stock IWIS, B&C Express, Regina or IRIS, we can source any chain from any manufacturer for you (as long as we're happy it's the right chain for the application and it's well made!)



I have owned 100's of bikes over the years from British classic to modern. My passion is bikes and I have spent many hours stripping apart and rebuilding bikes.   

For years, the manufacture of chains has been shrouded in myth and legend. Globalisation of the chain industry and the introduction of the D.I.N. European quality standard have led to a fragmented, confusing chain market where the consumers are, more often than not, making the wrong purchasing choice - we'll explain!

 Whether you've met us exhibiting at one of the bike shows, had a chain off us before or have been recommended by a friend - welcome! We hope we can be of assistance and, along the way, explode some of the myth and legend surrounding the manufacture of what is one of the most important parts of your machine. 

 We only supply chains from those companies who have always and will always far exceed the DIN standard - the difference in quality

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So, here we are, our good, honest advice is free, we look forward to being able to help you in the future with your chain requirements and who knows, we may well meet at a show or at your next club meeting!!

PS. If you'd like us to come and talk at your bike club meeting (for free), give us a call, we'd love to hear from you.

 People who know us, know that we're driven by the passion for providing customers with the right solution from an engineering perspective rather than by profit! We give FREE advice with every chain we sell...that's why you won't find us selling chains on this website - with us you get the right chain every time - no risk, no hassle! 

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